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Help Us Achieve Zero To Landfill By Sending Your Used Omnitau Garments Back, For Us To Recycle Into New Fabric

OmniCycle My Clothes

Omnitau is committed to sustainability and we are proud to offer the market leading OmniCycle My Clothes scheme, ensuring no Omnitau should pollute the environment, at no cost to our customers.



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What We Do

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About OmniCycle

What Is It?

Any pre-loved item of Omnitau clothing can be returned to us, free of charge, for recycling or reworking into brand new clothes. The scheme plays a big part in making sure our brand is part of a sustainable future for fashion.

Will My Product Definitely Be Reworked?

As long as your garment won't contaminate the batch, it will always be included for reworking. Garments that can't be recycled due to the condition of the fabric will be disposed of as ethically as possible - they will never be incinerated or sent to landfill.

How Does It Work?

At the end of the life of your garment, visit our returns portal to generate a prepaid shipping label to send the product back to us. 

Then simply pack up your product, take it to any post office and drop it off, and we'll do the rest!

Click here to get your label

Can I OmniCycle Other Brands?

Unfortunately no. Our products are specifically designed to be taken apart quickly and easily so they can be recycled. Other brands don't normally do this, so we can't take them.

Why Do You Want My Old Clothes Back?

Every year thousands of tonnes of clothing are thrown away with household waste and end up in landfill or being incinerated. Textiles disposed of in this way have a negative impact on the health of our environment - they are a drain on natural resources and can take 100's of years to decompose in landfill.

OmniCycle provides a solution and is one of the ways in which Omnitau can meet its goal of bringing ethical, sustainable and environmentally conscious clothing to consumers. By helping you change the way you use and dispose of your clothing, we can do better.

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I Want To OmniCycle

Click here to get a prepaid shipping label, pop it in a mailing bag then take it down to the post office and we'll do the rest.