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An Update From Omnitau - Introducing Our New Packaging

An Update From Omnitau - Introducing Our New Packaging

Omnitau are delighted to announce the launch of our new packaging.

Inspired by our mission to make fashion sustainable, while retaining a premium feel and always maximising quality, we have carefully redesigned our packaging to incorporate clean and bold white and navy, contrasted with an earthy brown to provide a feeling of warmth and serenity.

Every element has also been customised to minimise waste and maximise recyclability and reusability:

Garment Bag - made from 100% recycled PET, our frosted zip lock garment bags keep your Omnitau product protected until it reaches you and looking 10/10.

Sustainability Tip: zip lock means perfect for packing your suitcase or as a laundry bag when you go away - saves you buying packing cubes! You could also use it for storing anything around your house, like phone chargers.

Tissue Paper - made from ethically sourced 75gsm paper, our white tissue paper is carefully printed with subtle Omnitau branding in a contrasting navy for a sleek and modern look

Sustainability Tip: use your tissue paper to line your food bin, if you don't have any newspaper to hand

Boxes - made from minimum 80% recycled cardboard, our sturdy boxes will keep your new clothes safe and secure on their way to you.

Sustainability Tip: you can recycle cardboard just about anywhere, including lots of supermarkets, even if your household waste doesn't take cardboard in your area!

Tag - made from cardboard and string, our new swing tags have been selected to both look amazing, but to also minimise single use plastic. The tag is made from card, so you can easily recycle it - no need for landfill!

Sustainability Tip: our new swing tags are mostly white and have super absorption, so use them as labels around your kitchen!

Omnitau's new packaging is rolling out from 22nd April across both our main and team sports collections. Keep an eye out for our updated designs, including new mailer bags and stickers.

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