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Fairwear is a global initiative, specific to the fashion industry, designed to cut past broad and vague commitments to sustainable fashion and make sure garments are truly sustainable by being good for both the planet and the people who make them.

This requires members to commit to a code of labour practices

The fairwear initiative helps people to shop people-friendly fashion by checking brand's membership of fairwear. It also encourages customers to shop vintage, second hand, and focus on buying pieces you'll wear as many times as possible (ideally 30 or more).

As Omnitau is a new clothing brand, we are currently ineligible for certification directly under the Fairwear scheme. As part of our ethos to be the best we can, and to perpetually improve, we work to source as many fabrics as possible from suppliers who are members of Fairwear. We are committed to applying to be a Fairwear brand ourselves as soon as have grown to a sufficient scale to be eligible.

To learn more about Fairwear, please visit their website -

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Our Mission: To Make Premium Clothing That Stands The Test Of Time, While Using Ethical Labour & Being Kind To The Environment.

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